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Sahler Research is an independent market research firm founded in 2012 providing bespoke services to the institutional investment community. 


We provide rigorous, bespoke survey work to our clients on companies in a large variety of industries. Our research includes interviews with buyers, suppliers, customers and distributors, among others.  We have developed an expertise in covering a variety of sectors, on a global basis.  All products adhere to rigorous compliance protocols.

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We offer these products on a global basis.  Please keep in mind that we are constantly innovating, and enjoy developing customized products to meet our clients' needs.  We focus on flexibilty and creativity when we implement our programs, with strong quality controls. 

phone interviews

We specialize in executive interviews on a variety of topics.

In Person Interviews

Our interviews would typically focus on business owners in the field, with a diversified sample set.


We can design and execute geo-positioned consumer surveys globally.

About Us


Sahler Research is established on the core principals of integrity and professional excellence.  Our clients’ interests are our top priority.  We pride ourselves on our truly independent, proprietary research approach, and our ethical standards.

We work with each client’s compliance framework while providing the necessary technology for compliance oversight and usage management. Our products adhere to rigorous compliance protocols that meet industry best practices.

We specialize in grass roots, primary research; specifically, we collect large amounts of immaterial, publically available information to form a mosaic on overall industry trends.  We stress the importance of compliance, and believe that broad-based, low-level surveys not only comply with Regulation FD, but also provide relevant insights into real-time business trends. 



Sahler Research combines years of sell-side and buy-side experience to conduct extensive supply chain surveys. Our team has broad information gathering expertise in both the industries we serve, and the specific, local markets of our focus, and we leverage this to yield relevant, critical information.

Our team consists of highly educated, highly trained researchers located globally - on the ground, in the markets we study.


Kelley Buechel

Chief Executive Officer and 

Founder of Sahler Research

Kelley was a Director on the U.S. Institutional Equity Sales desk at Citigroup Global Markets in both the Boston and New York markets; she also worked within fixed income research, on the banking team, and on the mortgaged-back security desk.  Kelley was also Head of Operations and Business Development at Carrelton Asset Management.

​Kelley received her MBA at Columbia University's Business School.  Kelley received her BA at Columbia College, Columbia University.

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Marina Bregman

Chief Operating Officer, 

Sahler Research


Prior to Sahler Research, Marina was a Research Consultant for mLightenment, a leader in mobile marketing research and its impact on the US economy. Prior to that, Marina was a Statistical Analyst at Radius Global, one of the largest market research companies in the world.


Marina is a graduate of Columbia University, where she received an MA in Quantitative Methods in Social Science. Marina received her BA from the University of Connecticut in Computer Science and Engineering.

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Giving Back

Giving Back

It continues to be a core principle of Sahler Research to contribute, along with our staff and colleagues, towards making the world a better place for future generations.  The following organizations are among those that have received our support in the past year:

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